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I am passionate about mediation. In a highly litigious society mediation is very empowering. I have mediated hundreds of family law disputes and reached mutually agreed upon resolution in most of these cases. I am comfortable co-mediating or mediating on my own. In mediation, my role is to facilitate communication, and to balance the power dynamic. In mediation, the parties participate in resolving their own issues. They tend to be happier with the outcome than if the outcome is imposed upon them by a judge. 

immigration law

I handle immigration questions. I help clients file immigration paper work. I review immigration paperwork prepared by clients for correctness before they file. I collaborate with other immigration attorneys to help resolve their immigration cases.

family law

I have handled numerous family law disputes including contested and uncontested divorces, child custody disputes, and orders of protection.

Landlord tenant disputes

I help tenants and some landlords navigate evictions. I educate clients about their rights and help them prepare for justice and district court hearings. Mostly I coach clients so they can better represent themselves in such proceedings. 



Call if you need to incorporate a business with Montana Secretary of State.


criminal appeals

I currently work in the appellate division of the Public Defenders' Office. I handle appeals to the Montana Supreme Court. 

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legal advice

Call for a free consultations on immigration issues, landlord tenant disputes, family law, and criminal law.


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